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Full Service Model – Who we are and what we do

Who we are

Full Service Model is a private industry initiative. It aims at facilitating online distribution services to the benefit of the travellers. FSM can contribute to offering door-to-door traveling solutions. In a first step, FSM focusses on rail, but it is compatible to all other modes.

Today, most railways and distribution service providers run proprietary IT-distribution systems. At the same time there in an increasing consumer demand for seamless travel and ticketing solutions. To meet this demand, companies are required to collaborate and offer overall ticket solutions.

Therefore, the initiative has developed an Open-IT-framework that can be integrated in already existing IT-distributions systems. Being implemented it can be used like an adapter and enables data exchange between different systems.

With FSM we want to complement the diverse range of individual bilateral solutions necessary to connect online distribution systems. FSM covers the whole value chain of distribution services including after sales processes. It is open to all businesses offering travel services or travel distribution services.

The FSM initiative has been working since 2013. Together with partners from the industry and advisors from a broad branch of associations and political institutions we have developed a technical enabler to make distribution easier and to increase the customers travel experience.

What we do

In order to overcome individual propriety solutions FSM has defined data that is necessary for the distribution process. This definition covers the complete scope of business activities starting from Journey Planning to Revenue Protection. These functional requirements have been translated into specific IT-messages transferring the information between different distribution systems. Form and content of these messages are business-neutral. For example, FSM allows both integrated-reservation and non-integrated reservation ticketing.

On the basis of FSM, companies can easier contract distribution co-operations. Companies can either implement FSM themselves or commission third parties to distribute their tickets with FSM. Therewith, FSM is an easy and convenient alternative to costly bilateral solutions and a step towards smart and seamless mobility.

How to get started

FSM is open to all travel service and distribution service providers. The FSM specifications and implantation documents are available free of charge.

To get started, we kindly ask you to register at our webpage. After a short verification process of your registration you will receive a password via email to the secured FSM area. This area contains all documents you need to implement FSM.

If you need help please contact us at