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The General Manager
TAP TSI Services Governance Association (TSGA) AISBL
c/o CER, 53 Avenue des Arts, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
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Registration No.: 0673.899.877
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Membership Fees
TSGA Membership - Statutory provision
According to Art. 5 of TSGA Statutes, to become a Member of the Association, each Effective Member shall accept the Status of the Association and pay membership fee. Furthermore, legal entities shall own a separate legal personality and should not have been bankrupt or wound up by a competent Court or any other recognized authority.

Membership fees main principles - Internal Rules provision
According to Art. 15 of the TSGA Internal Rules of Procedures "1. TSGA Member shall provide funds to cover the TSGA annual budget; 2. TSGA Members other than the founding members should contribute to the budget as estimated in year 1 and repay the founding members."